The Misspellers


The Misspellers Book 1

The house smelled of sour milk, burnt dinner and bad breath. It had no computer or television or even a single light bulb. The house seemed to have no electricity at all, which made Carlin and Jack very curious. Don’t believe everything they teach you in school. Curiosity is not always a good thing. Some questions are stupid. Oh, and magic is real . . . and it doesn’t play well with others. Carlin and Jack learn that the hard way.

The Misspellers is an original and entertaining novel which is especially recommended for young readers ages 9 to 12.

~Midwest Book Review, Children's Bookwatch

Within two pages, I was captivated."

~Aphelion Web-zine, Dan Hollifield, Editor

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The Wrong Channel Book 2

Carlin and Jack are back. Mr. Bough is not. He’s never around when they need him. Holes flying in the night sky, a plot to bring dragons to Strawberry Island and that nagging feeling that the TV is watching you - this really is one of those summer evenings when they could use his help. Without him will they have to rely on an unreliable faerie. Some nights look like they can’t get any worse . . . until they do.

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The Misremembered Book 3

When you have a problem, the best thing to do is go to source. When the problem is magic? Going to the source means you might not ever get back. There is a reason your parents told you to stay out of the woods or climb down from that tree. There’s a reason we still learn folk tales and nursery rhymes. We just don’t quite remember. There is a reason for that, too.

This one is coming soon. Really.

The Author Michael Martineck

Michael MartineckI started writing stories when I was seven. Over the years, I’ve put out short stories, comic book scripts, articles and a quartet of novels. I’ve put countless other ventures in the drawer. The drawer is in my house on Grand Island, NY., a little cap of clay nestled between the US and Canada. This is also the location of my Ego Retention Program, whereby my beautiful wife and two lovely children continuously call out my various shortcomings, keeping me from becoming the screaming, self-centered artist I long to be. DC Comics published a couple of stories in the early 90s. Planetmag, Aphelion and a couple of other long-dead e-zines helped me out in 00s. Along with The Misspellers trilogy, I've written for the over 18 crowd: Cinco de Mayo from EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing was short-listed for an Alberta Readers' Choice Award. That was exciting. The Milkman (also from EDGE) won an IPPY for best science fiction and was an Eric Hoffer finalist. The book is not wholesome, but it is good for you. Promise.

The Artist Linda Shenk

Linda ShenkLinda Shenk has art even more amazing than the amazing peices covering these books. Her art is available from her online shop here.